Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Lucky Gump Punch!


We found a great punch recipe that we decided to put an Irish and Woodchuck spin on. While you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, try the Lucky Gump Punch!

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‘Chuckin Cheesy Cider Dip… Bread Bowl!


It’s time to start thinking about those game day appetizers. So far on your grocery list: CRAFT CIDER, beer (if you’re into that kind of thing :) ) pretzels, and chips. Now for the dip. This year, switch up your French Onion and really impress your amped up fans. Get out a baking dish and try the ‘Chuckin Cheesy Cider Dip… in a Bread Bowl!

With only a few simple ingredients, grab a Cluster ‘Chuck and see which style inspires you. (We used our flagship Amber!) Follow these steps, and enjoy!

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Woodchuck Chewy Gingerbread Cookies

IMG_9941header You’ve already impressed with the delightful Snickerdoodles, and now need to bring something different to the table. You’re looking for something tasty, chewy, and traditional. It’s time to try the Woodchuck® Chewy Gingerbread Cookies! Our flagship cider, Woodchuck® Amber, makes an appearance in this treat and brings some extra zest to a holiday favorite. Grab some spices and a 6-pack, and impress those in-laws!

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Woodchuck Winter Chill Snickerdoodles!


The sleigh bells are ringing, the Christmas lights twinkling, and the snow flurries are starting to fall. The holiday season is officially in full swing. It’s time to warm up by the fire, with a hot mug of cocoa (or cider!), and turn on those holiday flicks. There’s only one thing missing . . . a plate full of holiday cookies! Fresh out of the oven, there’s nothing like biting into a warm and chewy treat. Your kitchen counter may already have a plate or two, but we have one more to tempt that palate.

The Woodchuck® Winter Chill Snickerdoodle

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How to Roll your own California Roll


Ready to break out that inner chef? Well we have that first step to steer you in the right direction. With the newest addition to our most innovative line, the Woodchuck®  Cellar Series Ginger Cider pairs perfectly with a plethora of dishes, but one of our favorites? Sushi! Now, we understand it’s difficult to think about rolling your own when you can head downtown and get that delectable Spider Roll prepared to perfection. So why not start simple? To pair with that refreshing Ginger cider, here is how to roll your own California Roll.

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