Introducing the new Cluster ‘Chuck Variety Pack!

December 8, 2015
Cluster Chuck Variety pack

So, you’re realizing that holiday parties are in full swing, and you need something to bring along to the bash. Awesome packaging, and no wrapping required. Well… whether you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift, need something for a new beau, or want an extra somethin’ under the tree, we know what you need. Check out the new and improved Woodchuck® Cluster ‘Chuck® Variety Pack!

Just in time for the season, the Cluster ‘Chuck has been updated just for you. Based on various fan requests, we’ve switched things up and added an exciting new doodad. Check out what’s new!

  1. AWESOME new packaging, right!?!? No need for gift wrapping.

  2. The variety pack now includes Woodchuck Amber, Woodchuck Gumption®, the current Woodchuck Seasonal, and a fourth style called ‘Chuck’s Choice! This style can be ANY Woodchuck Cider (depending on our good ol’ Cider Makers’ moods!) cut-out-close-up

  3. Corner Cut-Outs for those ciders unknown! As the seasonals and ‘Chuck’s Choice switch up from time to time, you can now see which cider is in a specific pack (without ripping it open, of course)!

That’s about it folks! Find a Cluster ‘Chuck near you with our online locator, and be THAT person (THAT awesome, thoughtful, creative person) who brings a killer variety to the party!

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