Refreshing red apple

Amber, the original cider, was first hand-filled in our two-car garage back in 1991, delivering a medium body, sweet red apple taste and golden hue.

Refreshing cider with no additional Fruits

  • Aroma

    Ripe apple

  • Feel

    Medium bodied, Light carbonation

  • Taste

    Well-balanced, refreshing apple taste with clean finish

  • Sight

    Bright amber hue

The Woodchuck Amber Can Turkey

Our cans of Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider were developed as a request from our fans. As many parks and protected areas do not allow glass, our more adventurous drinkers were having a hard time bringing Woodchuck on their journeys. With that, we decided to start canning our signature style. What else is our Amber Can good for besides filling a cooler, and taking into the backcountry? For cooking a turkey! Why not make turkey juicier with the sweet taste of cider?

Full Recipe

Woodchuck “Kitchen Sink” Chili

Woodchuck Tall Can Chili Pepper Sauce