Spitter Splinter

Spitter Splinter bottles

Out on a Limb Series

European bittersweet apple varieties are often called ‘spitters’ as trying to eat one would elicit said response. Yet when pressed for juice and aged in American whiskey barrels, something unique emerges. The bittersweet apples bring a dry profile and the six months aging in bourbon barrels add woody vanilla oak notes throughout. Classic European cider apple varieties that we took Out on a Limb™ to add a splinter of America to.

Ciders that are conditioned in barrels or bottles to fuse flavors

  • Aroma

    Woody oak nose with subtle earthy apple notes

  • Feel

    Light, semi-dry, with balanced lingering finish

  • Taste

    Good apple character laced with bourbon, vanilla, oak

  • Sight

    Golden bright hue