Pumpkin Bottles

Private Reserve

Private Reserve Pumpkin is a rare and limited run cider that features pumpkin in its most pure form. No spices, no frills, just delicious pumpkin. The naked pumpkin profile plays perfectly against the red culinary apple varieties used in this cider. It is a unique cider that is unlike any other on the market.

Pear-based cider or ciders with additional fruits

  • Aroma

    Natural pumpkin aroma

  • Feel

    Medium bodied with crisp complex layers

  • Taste

    True pumpkin with fresh apple and hint of squash

  • Sight

    Dark amber


Woodchuck® Hard Cider has teamed up with Chef Curtiss Hemm of Pink Ribbon Cooking™ to bring you some great recipes that feature and include Woodchuck® Private Reserve Pink.

Full Recipe

Private: Woodchuck® Cider Pumpkin Bread!

As the cool Fall days grow shorter, we find ourselves spending more time indoors. That satisfying crock-pot of chili, that spinach and artichoke dip you stole from your mother-in-law, and of course a season staple… Pumpkin Bread.

Full Recipe