Oopsy Daisy

Oopsy Daisy bottles

Out on a Limb Series

You ever screw something up? Oops. We all have. Bring on the stress mixed anxiety. Our advice? Take a moment, breathe deep and sip a Woodchuck Oopsy Daisy. This crisp cider is infused with the actual chamomile flowers after fermentation imparting the calming essence of Chamomile with notes of honey throughout. Sit back, sip, relax, and let the calm wash that stress away.

Pear-based cider or ciders with additional fruits

  • Aroma

    Tea, floral, honey notes

  • Feel

    Smooth, medium body

  • Taste

    Smooth, sweet in the middle, delicate lingering aftertaste

  • Sight

    Clear bright "liquid gold"