Nature’s Nectar

Nature's Nectar hard cider 4 pack, tap handle and glass

A Traditional Cider

This semi-dry cider is made from 100% fresh pressed apples from orchards who follow sustainable growing practices. Enjoy this cider wherever friends gather.​

Refreshing cider with no additional Fruits

  • Aroma

    Fresh Apple​

  • Feel

    Medium body,​ light carbonation​

  • Taste

    Apple up front with a semi-dry finish

  • Sight

    Golden Hue​


All apples pressed for the juice in Nature’s Nectar come from EcoCertified orchards in the Northeast.​ The EcoCertified Fruit program is a community of farmers, scientists, advisors, and eaters who are dedicated to finding and supporting the most ecologically friendly way to grow wholesale tree fruit in the northeastern and eastern United States. Eco practices are based on creating an orchard ecosystem that supports pollinators, keeps damaging insects in balance with natural predators, and promotes soil and tree health. Eco is local, done right.When you buy EcoCertified Fruit, you are investing in sustainable growing practices that you can feel good about. An EcoCertified fruit label is synonymous with delicious, safe, locally grown, and environmentally responsible growing practices. 

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