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Private Reserve Barrel Select

Private Reserve

Private Reserve Barrel Select is aged in small batches to bring out balanced hints of bourbon over a crisp apple backdrop. The cider is aged for six months in genuine white oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The barrels impart a copper hue on the cider as well as gentle notes of oak, vanilla, and whiskey. A truly rare cider which proves that patience is indeed a virtue.

Ciders that are conditioned in barrels or bottles to fuse flavors

  • Aroma

    Complex aroma of apple, bourbon, and hints of caramel

  • Feel

    Heavy but very smooth

  • Taste

    Apple tinged with a touch of whiskey

  • Sight

    Dark copper


Woodchuck® Hard Cider has teamed up with Chef Curtiss Hemm of Pink Ribbon Cooking™ to bring you some great recipes that feature and include Woodchuck® Private Reserve Pink.

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