Quality Ingredients - Unlimited Imagination - Passion for Cider

Woodchuck has a long history of crafting new and rare cider styles that push the boundaries of the category. From the first five-gallon test batch to the final cider released to the public, we meticulously cultivate creativity and quality with each handcrafted cider. It’s the art in what we do.


Any new cider style starts its life in a five gallon glass jar, known as a carboy. Nothing is off limits at this stage. Any variety of apples, ingredients, and yeasts can be used. Some we love, some not so much. We have crafted a library of ciders over the years, and will continue to think outside the jar to craft new innovation.

Infusion Tank

Once a cider is ready to be handcrafted and shared with fans, we source the finest ingredients and put them in our infusion tank. The 400 gallon tank works much like a coffee filter as cider is run through it allowing natural aromas, oils, and taste of the ingredients to be infused into the cider.


A variety of wooden barrels can be used for aging cider to impart natural flavor into our unique small batches. Some of the ones we use are bourbon, tequila, rum, and wine, possibilities are endless! Any number of ciders can be aged in these barrels for up to a year.