You Know You’re a Vermonter If…

August 9, 2014

There’s a reason we’re setting down our roots here in Vermont. With over 100 Vermonters working in the new cidery, we definitely have the green mountain vibe going on. If you had to describe Vermont in hashtags, it would look a little something like this… #802 #iLoVermont #LakeChamplain #CamelsHump #champlives #Creemee #WOODCHUCKCIDER. Recognize those? Well then maybe it’s time to test yourself. Tally how many of the following you would say yes to, and determine how much of a Vermonter you really are!

You know you’re a Vermonter if…

  1. You say Moun’ain, not MounTain.
  2. You know there are 5 seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud Season, Winter Part 2.
  3. Creemee season is actually the best season.
  4. Camel’s Hump isn’t just a part of an animal.  IMG_1494
  5. Your Halloween costumes must be designed to fit over a snow suit.
  6. Your idea of traffic is getting stuck behind a tractor, at a cow crossing, or stuck behind a leaf peeper!
  7. You know what a leaf peeper is.
  8. Street signs… what are those?
  9. Either you, or a close friend, lives on a dirt road.
  10. 45 degrees outside = shorts.
  11. Anything can be flavored with Maple.
  12. You refuse to use fake maple syrup.
  13. Tapping maple trees is one of your many outdoor hobbies.
  14. You know how deep the disappointment goes when you don’t see your school on the list of snow day cancellations.
  15. You know that “mo yah” means “oh yeah”.IMG_9532edited
  16. You say “wicked bad”.
  17. Celebrities are local news reporters.
  18. Bull head = Bull pout.
  19. Dressing up means a sweater and clean jeans.
  20. You’re not really sure how many flannels you own.
  21. You still use “old man” when referring to your father.
  22. “Brookie” means brook trout.
  23. Your version of swearing is to exclaim “Jeezum Crow!”
  24. It takes you two hours to grocery shop because you run into at least four people you know.
  25. You know what a ‘flatlander’ is.
  26. Even though you may not admit it, you believe in Champ.
  27. When you go to the hardware store, someone always offers to help, and rarely do they actually work there.
  28. You’ve worn shorts and a parka at the same time.
  29. You have switched from heat to A/C and back again in the same day.
  30. You love Woodchuck Hard Cider!

Score Card

Count up the number you said yes to… 

0-10: You need to spend more time in Vermont… 1st stop, the Woodchuck Cider House!

11-20: You definitely appreciate Vermont weather, but it may be time to ditch the fake maple syrup.

20-30:  Champ considers you a friend.

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