Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s New Collection of Ciders with 100% Vermont Apples

November 6, 2018

Woodchuck Hard Cider Launches the 802 Collection with Lil’ Dry

From Woodchuck’s humble beginnings in a two-car garage in 1991, we have always called Vermont home. We take great pride in the fact that we started in Vermont and are still in Vermont today taking advantage of the great cider making resources that the Green Mountain State offers. Because of our deep appreciation, we wanted to develop a collection of ciders using apples exclusively from our Vermont orchard partners to pay homage. There is no better name to give this collection than 802!

All varieties in this collection will be traditional ciders made with only fresh pressed Vermont juice from our orchard partners. One of our biggest partners is Sunrise Orchards, and owner Barney Hodges recently told Cider Culture, “What the hard cider industry has done for farms in Vermont, and our farm, is that it has provided value to the lowest segment of what we grow as apple providers…That’s helping the economic viability of farms like ours.”

Our first variety under this new 802 Collection is Lil’ Dry, which is a Semi-Dry cider made with only juice from 100% Vermont Apples and yeast. There are no artificial ingredients, no sugar added and the cider is certified gluten free. This is the most traditional cider we make! Starting off the cider will be available mostly in Vermont with limited availability in Maine and New Hampshire beginning in October. Lil’ Dry will retail for $10.99 / 16oz 4 pack cans and draft.

We gave this collection the motto Fermentation for Freedom and Unity not only as a nod to Vermont, but because we want these ciders to bring drinkers together and celebrate the uniqueness of our fans. We are very proud of this collection and our home state. We hope you enjoy taste of Vermont as much as we do!

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