Woodchuck® Hard Cider REVEALS Two New Styles

August 1, 2018

At the core of Woodchuck, we have always believed that hard cider is a bridging beverage between beer, wine and spirits. In the past we have crafted ciders such as Belgian White or Hopsation for beer drinkers, and with our newest offering we are inspired by wine. Woodchuck is excited to introduce Bubbly Rosé and Bubbly Pearsecco ciders. Taking a bite out of the Rosé wine category, which is experiencing meteoric growth, Woodchuck’s Bubbly Rosé is crafted using a blend of red apples and back sweetened with fresh juice to deliver a balanced cider with a pink hue and elevated carbonation for a sparkling crisp fruit forward taste. Woodchuck’s Bubbly Pearsecco variety is a dry, bubbly pear cider with a crisp clean finish, taking inspiration from sparkling wine, which is also experiencing exceptional growth. Both Bubbly Rosé and Bubbly Pearsecco have an ABV of 6.1%.

“So often when you speak to people unfamiliar with the cider category there is a lot of confusion about how cider is made and what it tastes like.” said Bridget Blacklock, Vice President of Marketing. “We believe by introducing ciders that have similar profiles to wine and deliver drier taste characteristics we can expand the consumer cider experience and showcase hard ciders’ ability to offer varieties to fit every drinkers palette.”

Much like traditional Rosé and Prosecco have become the symbol of a lifestyle, whether its Sunday Brunch or Beach Days on Montauk, we believe Woodchuck Bubbly Rosé and Bubbly Pearsecco are perfect pairings when friends get together.

Available nationally beginning in September both Bubbly Rosé and Bubbly Pearsecco will retail for $9.99 – $10.99 / 12oz 6 pack cans. Enjoy the next round of innovation from the brand that started the American cider revolution!

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