Woodchuck® Day! Let’s Party!

February 1, 2013
Woodchuck Day pArty

Oh… Groundhog Day.  How boring you have become.  Learning about your shadow and it’s non-effect on the rest of winter isn’t enough to make me set an alarm on the morning of February 2nd.  The only real joy left in “Groundhog Day” comes from cable’s penchant for airing the comedic genius of Bill Murray paired with a flash of early-nineties Andy MacDowell brilliance.

Isn’t it time we livened this day up people?!  A groundhog after all is a just another name for a woodchuck… and doesn’t woodchuck just have a better ring to it?

Here is what we do here at Woodchuck® Hard Cider.  We call it Woodchuck® Day and celebrate proper!  Six more weeks of winter or not, there is one thing we do know for sure:  Woodchuck® Hard Cider will be available regardless!

So go forth… find yourself a cold Woodchuck® Hard Cider and show the groundhog that his prediction isn’t about to bring you down.

Looking for a place to party?  Head to our events page, where you can find a Woodchuck® party near you!

Be sure to send in your Woodchuck Day photos to Woody@woodchuck.com or use the hashtag #WoodchuckDay on Instagram!  We’ll feature our favorites next week right here at The Core.

Cheers and Happy Woodchuck Day!

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