Woodchuck Day 2015! UNTAPPD Badge

January 8, 2015
Woodchuck Untappd Badge

The final countdown has begun for… WOODCHUCK DAY 2015!

For many, February 2nd, or Groundhog Day, is spent eagerly waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his harrowing shadow. Here at Woodchuck®? We still wait to see what our forecasting friend foretells, but we also like to celebrate with a pint. For us, February 2nd is Woodchuck Day. With events scattered across all 50 states, we take this time to celebrate the continuing growth of the cider world, and the exciting innovation to come with the budding seasons (no matter of how long winter lasts!). As for the ciders already near you? Get out there, try three different Woodchuck styles, and get the Woodchuck Day 2015 UNTAPPD Badge!

Woodchuck is sponsoring a new UNTAPPD badge to unlock the month leading up to the big day. If you’re new to UNTAPPD, it’s a social app that lets you share and explore the craft beverage world. Check out what your friends are drinking, leave reviews, get recommendations based on what you’ve enjoyed, and earn badges for trying new things!

From January 8th until February 6th, check-in to three Woodchuck Ciders (any style) to unlock the Woodchuck Day 2015 badge. Pretty easy, right? Well, we just made it easier.

screenshoteditedNow you can check-in right from our Woodchuck Mobile App! With our Mobile App, not only can you search for ciders near you, find out what’s new, and then read up on your favorite styles… but you can share and check-in right from our community hub.

So make sure to stay tuned for events going on near you, but get started on ciderbrating Woodchuck Day, and get the “Woodchuck Day 2015” badge!

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