Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger: Give a ‘Chuck about authentic ingredients

June 4, 2014
Ginger Cellar Series

 The Woodchuck® cider makers have gone into the cellar once again and handcrafted Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger. The style was first made popular as part of our Private Reserve Line in 2012 before going back into the cellar to be tweaked, matured, and perfected. Something that never changed though was Woodchuck fans calling for its return!

Woodchuck Ginger is a craft cider that is a perfect fit for the summer season, so we figured what better time than NOW to release it back into the wild. It brings together crisp culinary apple varieties with the subtle spice of organic ginger root.

The ginger was sourced from an organic farm in Peru, where they grow some of the finest yellow ginger in the world.  Yellow ginger is highly regarded for its full rich flavor.  The name of the farm is La Grama, and they sow, harvest, and pack their ginger in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.  The location provides rich soil and a perfect climate for growing some of the finest ginger available.

A box of fresh Peruvian Organic Ginger from La Grama

La Grama also works to offer tools and education to local communities and farmers helping them obtain higher crop yield which improves both the quality of the organic crop and their bottom line. It’s a mission we certainly support and mirrors some of our own efforts to help Vermont farmers grow and improve their apple crop.  You could say they Give a ‘Chuck™.  We like that.  To learn more about La Grama’s  sustainability efforts be sure to visit their website!

Fresh Peruvian Organic Ginger for the Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger Cider

One thing we can tell you, they are not at all kidding about the quality of the ginger!  Hundreds of pounds of full ginger root were brought into the cidery.  Our cider makers ground it up and placed it in our infusion tank, where fermented cider was run through the fresh organic ginger.

Filling our Woodchuck infusion tank with fresh organic gingerThe result?  A cider that retains a big crisp apple taste, with spicy ginger notes hopping about from the nose through the finish.  Delicious stuff! Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger fresh off the bottling line

Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger is hitting store shelves now and will be in the market through July.  Check the cider locator in the coming weeks to find it near you.  We hope you enjoy this latest incarnation of one of our most innovative craft ciders!

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