Woodchuck Artist Spotlight – Adam Vindigni

November 10, 2021

Name: Adam Vindigni
Age: 28
Location: Stowe, Vermont
Profession: Tattoo Artist/CEO and Artist at Powe. Snowboards
Length: tattooing for 3 years Running Powe. For 7 years

Welcome to our Woodchuck 30th Anniversary blog series where we will be highlighting hand-selected creatives every week through the Fall. This year marks our 30th Anniversary and we have asked 25 creatives from across the country to help celebrate 30 years of creativity and innovation by sharing with us what creativity means to them. We sat down with each creative to hear more about how they use creativity on a daily basis and what influences their work. See below for our conversation with Adam!

W- Adam, thanks for hanging out with us today, man. We want to dive into your realm of creativity a little bit. It sounds like your involved in two artistic realms that don’t necessarily have ties to each other. Can you elaborate on that a little bit? How did you get your start as a tattoo artist and how did that translate into running a snowboard company?

A- I started tattooing after begging the shop owner at the world-famous Monkey House Customs to give me an apprenticeship which thankfully she agreed to. I began designing snowboards in college and was able to raise enough money to get an order made and decided with my partners to make it a full blown business which is how Powe. Snowboards came to be.

W- In tattooing, you’re most likely often provided with ideas from your customers in terms of what they want their tattoo to look like, but in designing snowboard graphics, you probably have much more freedom in what you want to create. Where do you tend to draw your creative inspiration from? Do you tend to draw it from an intrinsic source or are you influenced more heavily by external factors?

A- definitely intrinsically. My art has always just seemed to come out of no where onto the page or skin or whatever it may be.

W- Creativity is often fleeting and those spur of the moment ideas can be difficult to capitalize on. What exactly does creativity mean to you as an artist?

A- creativity is the ability to problem solve. Artistically speaking, it is the accumulation of answers to hundreds of little questions that result in a final piece.

W- That’s a really unique take on that question, and we love it! To us, creativity is an opportunity for experimentation and innovation. It’s a chance to do something new. Hard cider has its roots and we certainly respect and appreciate how hard cider started, but there is so much room for innovation in cider making and we pride ourselves on being able to push the envelope with new styles.

W- Prior to getting involved in our 30th anniversary celebrations, what was your relationship with Woodchuck Cider?

A- Woodchuck cider is a household name in Vermont. Living and working here, Woodchuck is a Brand I am very familiar with. Cider, Beer etc. often  go hand-in-hand with winter sports.

W- That’s awesome! We’re happy to have been part of your Vermont experience. Looking forward to seeing you out on the slopes this winter! Cheers!

Art comes in many different forms. Seein as Adam is quite the winter sports enthusiast outside of his time in the tattoo parlor, he developed for us a custom graphic concept for what he would have done if he was creating a Woodchuck Snowboard. Needless to say, the graphics is pretty sweet. Go check it out over at our InstagramFacebook or Twitter

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