Woodchuck 30th Anniversary Artist Spotlight – Scott McCurdy

September 22, 2021

Name: Scott McCurdy
Age: 31
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Profession or specific field: Illustrator
How long have you been participating in your specified field: 5 years

Welcome to our Woodchuck 30th Anniversary blog series where we will be highlighting hand-selected creatives every week through the Fall. This year marks our 30th Anniversary and we have asked 25 creatives from across the country to help celebrate 30 years of creativity and innovation by sharing with us what creativity means to them. We sat down with each creative to hear more about how they use creativity on a daily basis and what influences their work. See below for our conversation with Scott!

W – Whether it be photography, videography, digital design or some sort of craft, how did you get your start in your field?

S – I’ve been interested in art as long as I can remember, so I never really put it down. As my work improved and I realized this could realistically be a job, I fully committed.

W – You certainly made the right decision to keep with it! There aren’t too many people out there that have had the luxury of recognizing a passion for something at such a young age and committing to to it so early on. What tends to influence your creativity and work you put out? Does it come from within, or are you more heavily influenced by external factors and the people viewing your work?

S – I am influenced by others in the art industry that have found their style/brand. I enjoy seeing the directions that artists pursue.

W – That is an interesting take on influence, the pathways that lead others to their specific style. It’s safe to say that you have found and defined your own style within your creative space. In that same vein, what does creativity mean to you as an artist?

S – Individuality, and personal expression.

W – That is a mindset that we stand by and take to heart in our cider making process as well. With so many different cider options out there today, separating yourself from the pack is becoming evermore important.

W-Prior to your involvement in our 30th Anniversary Celebration, what was your connection to Woodchuck, if any at all? Through your involvement with Woodchuck, was there anything you learned about us that resonated with you or that you can connect with personally?

S – Before this, I was not personally connected, but I do enjoy Woodchuck Cider! I relate with the brand’s idea of doing your thing, regardless if it doesn’t catch on right away.

W – Cheers to that! We make cider because WE like it! Thanks for your time Scott. Your illustration came out great and we’re excited to share your creative take on our 30th Anniversary!

Scott has a very defined and recognizable style that he brings to his illustrations. Needless to say, we are super excited to have him sprinkle his own flavor onto an illustration for us. Go check it out on our Instagram if you haven’t already. While you’re there, be sure to check out our #chuckturns30 contest where you can enter to win a Woodchuck 30th Anniversary cooler as well as a featured spotlight amongst 25 hand selected creatives like Scott!

Cheers, happy first day of Fall, and happy cider sippin’.

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