Woodchuck 30th Anniversary Artist Spotlight – Peter Limberg

September 2, 2021

Name: Peter Limberg
Age: 30
Location Minneapolis, MN
Profession or Specified Field: Photographer

Welcome to our Woodchuck 30th Anniversary blog series where we will be highlighting hand-selected creatives every week through the Fall. This year marks our 30th Anniversary and we have asked 25 creatives from across the country to help celebrate 30 years of creativity and innovation by sharing with us what creativity means to them. We sat down with each creative to hear more about how they use creativity on a daily basis and what influences their work. See below for our conversation with Peter!

W- Whether it be photography, videography, digital design or some sort of craft, how did you get your start in your field?

P- Photography became an art of interest through snowboarding. Growing up, I would spend hours paging through the most recent snowboard magazines and would nerd out on photographs. Also, many pro snowboarders that I looked up to would photograph their travels which provided me with even more inspiration. I got opportunities to travel through snowboarding, decided to pick up a film camera, and started shooting which very quickly became another hobby that I became very passionate about. I got to travel with other photographers which gave me the opportunity to pick their brains as well.

W- It’s pretty cool how one of your passions quickly opened a new door to another realm. In your case, it sounds like Snowboarding opened the door to photography and you haven’t looked back since! What tends to influence your creativity and the work you put out? Is it more-so derived intrinsically, or are you more heavily influenced by external factors and the people viewing your work?

P- I am heavily influenced by my peers as well as other photographers that I look up too. I wouldn’t be able to put out the work that I do if it wasn’t for them. That being said, I do try to put my own flavor into my photographs and don’t want to copy others, which gives it more authenticity.

W- Authenticity sure is important especially when it comes to separating yourself from the rest of the pack. It is often difficult to balance originality while still trying to do something different from the norm.  What does creativity mean to you?

P- To me, creativity is a form of expression and an outlet.

W- Your definition of creativity likely resonates with a lot of other people. We all need an outlet that let’s us express ourselves in a multitude of ways. Ours is cider making! 

W- Prior to your involvement in our 30th Anniversary Celebration, what was your connection to/Relationship with/Knowledge of Woodchuck Cider, if any at all? Through your involvement with Woodchuck, was there anything you learned about us that resonated with you or that you can connect with personally?

P- I had heard of Woodchuck through some friends but hadn’t tried it. With working on this project it was great to have the opportunity to give it a try, and I think it is my new cider that I will be recommending to my friends. Big fan of the Amber. Cheers to 30 years!

Peter provided us with an awesome film photo that he was able to capture while on his gravel bike exploring his local area. You can check it out over on our Instagram Account, @WoodchuckCider. While you’re there, make sure to check out the contest we’re running as well. By participating, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Woodchuck Hard Cider-branded cooler and for a chance to be featured as on of our five fan spotlights amongst the 25 hand-selected creatives that we will be highlighting through the Fall! For more info on the contest, you can also visit the contest page here.

Thanks for Joining us in our 30th Anniversary Celebration. Happy Cider Sippin’!






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