Woodchuck 30th Anniversary Artist Spotlight – Ian Post

October 27, 2021

Name: Ian Post
Age: 30
Location: Vermont
Profession or specified field: Director / Filmmaker
How long have you been participating in your specified field: 15 yrs

W- Hey Ian! Thanks for chatting with us today and for letting us into your realm of videography for a little bit. How did you start out in that field?

I- I started out by filming snowboarding with friends in the streets, or at the mountain, & compiling short films of our adventures; ending with “Afterhours I & II”. I then started working with an outerwear brand on their film projects & campaigns, and moved out to California to begin a new journey!

W- Ahh the classic westward migration. Seems like a pretty common path for a lot of people chasing a career or passion project in the snow sports community. From where do you find yourself drawing creative inspiration these days? Are you more influenced by internal factors are by external factors like your peers and others who view your work. 

I- For a long time, I was heavily influenced by my direct peers, and those who created work in the same vein as myself. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself drawn to many new sources of inspiration outside of my field/focus…feature film, fashion, & technical design.

W- Sounds like you tend to look at things with a much broader field of view now more so than before, which has probably helped feed your creativity rather than just being siloed into one thought process or segment of your life. What does creativity mean to you?

I- Creativity represents the freedom & ability to ideate, then transform a concept into realization.

W- Prior to your involvement in our 30th Anniversary Celebration, what was your knowledge of Woodchuck Cider, if any at all? Through your involvement with Woodchuck, was there anything you learned about us that resonated with you or that you can connect with personally?

I- I’ve always known Woodchuck Hard Cider to be an “OG” Vermont company, and it looks like 30 years later, they’re still rooted.

W- We are most certainly rooted in Vermont and we pride ourselves in that, but we are happy to have expanded across the country. It’s like watching your children grow up!

Ian took to the Green Mountains (or not-so-green this time of year) to shoot a little video of a classic Vermont leaf-peeping experience. Head over to our InstagramFacebook or Twitter to check out Ian’s contribution to our 30th Anniversary Celebration!

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Cheers, and happy cider sippin’!


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