Woodchuck Cider’s Earth Week 2014 Recap

April 23, 2014
Earth week 2014 recap

Another year, another Earth Week, and another great donation, because of YOU! With 5,249 new Facebook fans and Woodchuck Community Newsletter sign-ups, we will be planting 5,249 trees though American Forests Global ReLeaf Program, and donating $5,249 to the Vermont Tree Fruit Grower’s Association. We think that deserves a loud and emphatic, WAHOO! Thank you to all of our fans for helping us out!

Since we first started handcrafting hard cider in 1991, we have been fueled by innovation, passion, and, of course, the devotion of our fans. The Woodchuck Community, as we like to call it, is filled with amazing people who care, not just about great quality craft cider, but also about making a better world.

As we teamed up with American Forests and their Global ReLeaf Program for the 5th consecutive year, we took a look back to see the total impact of the efforts you’ve all made possible. Check it out…

earth week 5 year recap[Tweet “Over 5 years Woodchuck fans have helped plant 47,000+ trees! That’s 138 football fields of trees!”]

Not only have you helped us get to where we are today as cider makers, but you also have an immense passion for helping to build a more sustainable world! You inspire us, and for that, we thank you!

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