Top 5 Reasons Craft Cider In A Can Should Be On Your Summer Checklist

April 10, 2014
Woodchuck Summer Can

This winter was a long one. A lot of ice, a lot of snow, and a lot of low (and we mean looooowwww) temperatures. Yes, the white landscapes were beautiful, but are we ready for what’s next? You got that right! As the season transitions, our hyper-active senses are picking up any hint of the warmer weather. The sights, the sounds, the CIDER. The Woodchuck® Limited Release Summer Cider is a tart and flavorful style with a rich taste reminiscent of New England blueberries. And now…

We’re excited to introduce Woodchuck Limited Release Summer in cans! The 12-ounce Summer can will be available in 12-packs, and follows the successful launch of our signature Amber style in both 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans. So as you plan your sunny adventures, why should you be amped about cider in cans? We’ll give you 5 reasons!

Top 5 Reasons Craft Cider in a Can should be on your Summer Checklist

 1. Bottles in the park? That’s a no go.

Sometimes, a nice cold cider is just the thing after a long hike, or day in the sun. Unfortunately, the classic 6-pack of glass bottles is forbidden in a lot of pools, beaches, National and State Parks. I mean, who wants to step on a broken bottle when barefooting it by the pond? We don’t! Having your favorite cider available in a can makes it possible to enjoy a cold one wherever your inner adventurer takes you. No glass allowed? No worries!

 2. “Phew, my backpack’s so much lighter!”

Most campsites, parks, and beaches have a “Pack it in, Pack it out” policy (and for good reason!). That is, whatever you unpack at your campsite, you need to pack it back up before you leave. What does that include? Your empties from the night before. So would you rather finish up your hike with a pack full of empty glass bottles, or empty cans? We agree. Cans are the way to go!

 3. Be the master, packer, stacker.

Packing, especially for a camping trip, is often an art. You have to fit clothes, gear, food, and of course, CIDER in a backpack and/or cooler. As your chosen beverage is high on the priority list, you want to make sure you’ll be able to fit the whole 12-pack on top of your tent. What will make that easier? Being able to stack those cans! A 12-pack of cans will take up a lot less room than that of bottles, and will fit more easily into those small pockets of air.

PACKING TIPS: If you’re working with a 70 L overnight backpacking pack, utilize your gear. Before rolling up your sleeping bag, line the width with cans, 2 deep. This will fit close to a 12-pack! Also, are you bringing those beefy hiking boots? Stuff your extra socks in the toes, and then take those extra cans, and place one into each heal. We’ll say it again… master, packer, stacker.

 4. So Fresh and so crisp, crisp.  

The Woodchuck Cider can for both our Summer and original Amber styles is a very special can and differs from a craft beer can. One of the main concerns of craft cider and beer drinkers is that when you put it in a can, it may have a metallic taste. Modern cans have a liner, preventing the liquid from actually touching the aluminum. Because hard cider is more acidic than beer, we spent a lot of time working with our can supplier to find the right liner to make our canned offerings the very best that they could be. Furthermore, canning our cider helps prevent oxygen exchange, affecting the CO2 and flavor of the liquid. With a more complete seal, cans help maintain the CO2 level and delicious taste you’re looking for with each sip. The actual construction of our can leaves you with a delightful and refreshing experience.

 5. Vitamin D for me, but not my cider. 

If you’re outside, then so is your cider. We all need some Vitamin D from time to time, but that beverage of yours needs far less. UV Rays can break down those artful chemical bonds within your brew, tarnishing the flavor and leaving it, as some might say, “skunked”. One way to prevent that? Bringing those easy-to-handle, sun-blocking cans. By blocking out the sun, the cider in your can remains true to form and holds that delicious fresh apple character for that you crave after a day in the summer sun.


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