Think Outside The Can This Holiday Season

December 7, 2022
Four cocktails on top of a wooden table, created using Woodchuck Hard Ciders including: - Snowbird - Girl’s Not Grey - Wassail - Pomegranate Spritz

If we haven’t made this clear already – WE LOVE HARD CIDER! It’s amazing enough on it’s own, but this holiday season, we encourage you to #thinkoutsidethecan and try making some delicious cider cocktails for all of your holiday festivities.

What’s that? You’re not a mixologist? Don’t fret! we’ve got you covered! Our Cider House team concocted some amazing hard cider cocktails for you to try out, right here in our Cider House (AKA our R&D Lab).

Check out all the cocktail recipes below! If you decide to try making some at home, be sure to post them to social, tag @woodchuckcider and #chucktails to be featured on our profiles!

-1oz Smugglers Notch Vodka
-3/4oz Spiced Simple Syrup
-802 Lil Dry
-Garnish with Cinnamon Stick

Pomegranate Spritz
-1oz Aperol
-3/4oz Pomegranate Simple Syrup
-Garnish with an Orange Peel, express oil on top of drink

-1oz Coconut infused Smugglers Notch Rum
-1/4oz Lime Juice
-1/2oz Blue Curacao
-Prickly Pineapple
-Garnish with shredded coconut

Girl’s Not Grey
-1/2oz Peregrine Gin
-1/2oz Lime Juice
-1/2oz Rosemary Simple Syrup
-Muddled Rosemary
-Imperial Citrus
-Garnish with a Rosemary sprig

The Red Barn
-1oz Smugglers Notch Vodka
-1/2oz Lime Juice
*Give it a shake*
-Topped with Woodchuck Berry Snap
-Garnish with candied ginger

Wood Fence
-1oz Whistlepig Piggyback Whiskey
-1/2oz Vermont Maple Syrup
-1 Cinnamon Stick
*Give it a shake*
-Topped with Woodchuck Granny Smith
-Garnish with a fresh cinnamon Stick and fanned apple slices.

Paloma^2 (Paloma Squared)
-3/4oz Appalachian Gap Papilio
-3/4oz Day Chaser Tequila Lime
-Splash of lime juice
-Topped with Woodchuck Paloma
*Give it a stir*
-Garnish with a salted rim and a lime wedge.

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