The Woodchuck Ciderstock Float!

August 6, 2016
Ciderstock Float

Cheers to #NationalRootBeerFloatDay! To celebrate our upcoming Ciderstock Music Festival, we put a twist on this favorite  Instead of ice cream in a cider float, how about sherbert (with the Ciderstock colors of course)? Well… we tried it. And… IT’S AWESOME! For National Root Beer Float Day, take some time to try the Woodchuck Ciderstock Float!

Woodchuck Ciderstock Float

  • Just as easy as a Root Beer Float. Take your favorite Sherbert flavors and scoop a couple spoonfills into a pint glass.
  • Take your favorite Woodchuck Hard Cider and pour over the sherbert.
  • Grab a spoon, or a straw, jam out to Sublime with Rome, and start getting AMPED on Ciderstock 2016!


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