The Woodchuck Cider Maker’s Guide to Gathering Of The Vibes!

July 30, 2015
The Woodchuck Cider Maker's Guide to Gathering Of The Vibes 2015

We’re stoked to be in Bridgeport, Connecticut for Gathering Of The Vibes 2015! The sun will shining, Woodchuck will be pouring, and the Vibes will be awesome!

As we get ready to hit one of our favorite music festivals, we sat down with our Cider Makers, John Matson and Ben Calvi, to ask them who their “Can’t Miss” shows are on the lineup. Aside from making awesome cider, they also have a great ear for live music and they were happy to share their thoughts on each day of the festival!


John: “I’d start off by dancing with Strangefolk as they’ve been a go-to for years when I have the chance to see them, and I’d keep my blanket on the ground for Max Creek as they’ve been doing what they do for a long-ass time, and they’re good at it.”

Strangefolk at Gathering Of The Vibes - 5:15pm Thursday on the Main Stage

Ben: “Dark Star Orchestra! Covering an entire set from epic Grateful Dead shows? No brainer!”


Ben: “Greg Allman…as in the Allman Brothers Band… enough said. I also would check out The String Cheese Incident with David Grisman & Peter Rowan. Holy…sure to be awesome!”

String Cheese Incident featuring David Grisman, Peter Rowan and Friends at Gathering Of The Vibes Friday 9pm on the Main Stage

John: “I’m not one to stay up all night listening to techno and other heavy beat trance type stuff, so I’d go to bed early so I could get up and be ready to see Twiddle. They’re a fun band from Vermont as well, and I always like to support my local music. I’d probably cruise about for the rest of the afternoon and check out some of the acts I haven’t really paid attention to, but I’d be sure not to miss String Cheese with David Grisman and Peter Rowan. String Cheese is solid in their own right but to add these two guys to the lineup is an amazing treat not to be missed. Hopefully they’ll play a Jerry tune or two.”

Twiddle at Gathering Of The Vibes 11:00am Friday on the Main Stage


John: “I would start early with Greensky Bluegrass, with an afternoon of bopping around and doing my best not to get burned by the sun. I’d close out the night with Wilco. They’re pretty sick and I am sure they’ll be a crowd favorite. I’d also have to see the Warren Haynes Group! Anytime there’s a superjam type of set it is surely not to be missed.

Warren Haynes and The Seaside All Stars at Gathering Of The Vibes 11:45pm Saturday on the Main Stage

Ben: “Billy & The Kids is one I would have to see. Bill Kruetzmann of the Grateful Dead…you never know. It will be interesting to say the least!”


John: “Zappa Plays Zappa! Dweezil is clearly the blood of the craziest musicians of all time in my opinion. I listened to Frank’s music for a time as a teen as I explored “different” genres of music. I was drawn to the sometimes crazy lyrics as much as the sound of the guitar. I’m sure growing up around a legend has to rub off on ya!

Zappa Plays Zappa at Gathering Of The Vibes 1:45pm Sunday on the Main Stage

I’d also check out Preservation Hall Jazz Band. I had the opportunity to check them out last fall in New Orleans. Funny story about that trip… I also went into a voodoo shop and had my palm read in a dark backroom by a really interesting dude who knew stuff he shouldn’t have known! Back to the band though, if you can’t get to the Big Easy to see what the city’s musical roots are all about, seeing these guys at Gathering Of The Vibes is probably the next best thing!”

Ben: “Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Go to church. It’s Sunday. New Orleans Jazz. That’s my kind of church!”

Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Gathering Of The Vibes 12:00pm Sunday on the Main Stage

We’ll surely be taking their advice and checking out these acts! We hope to see you and your Vibes in the crowd! Be sure to chat us up if you see us and let’s raise a pint of cider together! See you in Bridgeport!

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