The new Cluster ‘Chuck Variety Pack!

July 31, 2014
Cluckster 'chuck Woodstock

One of the big things we Give A ‘Chuck™ about here at Woodchuck® is innovation. That spirit leads to handcrafted cider styles that are constantly evolving. We aren’t afraid to try new ingredients or yeast strains or apple varieties. Around every corner our cider makers deliver the next great Woodchuck. We thought it was high time our variety pack evolved just like our ciders do.

Introducing the new… Woodchuck Cluster ‘Chuck™ Variety Pack!

The Woodchuck Cluster ‘Chuck Variety Pack is our new cider sampler. Following suit with the rest of our ciders, the pack has a brand new look to go with our brand new Cidery. Our top notch in-house creative team set out to create a design that fit the spirit of our ciders, our local orchard partners, and our home state of Vermont.

Lets not bury the lead here though, as our new variety pack represents a whole new cluster of cider as well.  As some of our more limited cider styles fly off the shelves, we want to make our variety pack a place where folks can discover new Woodchuck styles they may not have seen before.

Here’s the breakdown in every 12-pack:

  • 3 Woodchuck Amber
  • 3 Woodchuck Granny Smith
  • 3 Woodchuck Seasonal
    • Either Fall Harvest, Winter Chill, or Summer Time depending on the calendar.
  • 3 Chuck’s Choice
    • Chuck’s Choice will be whatever our Cider Maker’s want our fans to try. It could be anything from Private Reserves, to a new style just launched, to the tried and true ciders you may already know and love!

No matter the style, each cider promises to be something truly unique. Cluster ‘Chuck will rotate more quickly through cider styles and offer folks a chance to discover that variety is in fact, the spice of life.

So keep an eye out for Cluster ‘Chuck! The variety pack is making its way into the market now, so check out our cider locator to find a retailer near you!


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