The Ciderbration HOW-TO Guide

August 16, 2014
Ciderbration how-to

Just a few days left until the event we have been planning for over a year! The kegs are ready to be tapped, the lots are ready to be filled, and that grass is ready for some dancing shoes! As you start to finalize those plans, make sure to take a look at this HOW-TO Guide for the Ciderbration. We’ve put together all the essentials together to make sure your day is as FANTASTIC and fluid as possible.


We’ll be shuttling fans from lots all over Middlebury to and from the Ciderbration! The map below, (Download it here!), tells you exactly where you can park and catch the cider shuttle! Just remember your line color and lot number and you’ll be all set at the end of the night.

TIP: We STRONGLY suggest carpooling. It will make parking easier for you, and the other fans joining the event!

There WILL also be a handicapped parking lot at the cidery, and bike racks in front of the event entrance!


Shuttles-back WHAT TO BRING

The essentials…

  • Your FREE Ticket – REMEMBER: If you reserved your  tickets, they were sent to your email address from Woodchuck Hard Cider. TICKET MUST BE A PRINTED COPY! Tickets on your phone CANNOT be scanned. 
  • CASH CASH CASH CASH – the event is Cash only, and there will be no ATM on site
  • PHOTO ID. No ID = No Hard Cider. This is an event that welcomes all ages, and everyone will be given a wrist band.
  • Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses – we’re hoping for some beautiful weather, so protect that skin!
  • Bike Lock – if you’re biking, make sure to bring a lock just in case!

Other good options…

  • SMALL Camera
  • Rain Jacket or Poncho – forecast looks nice, but just in case, bring that rain gear!
  • Empty water bottle – make sure it’s not glass!
  • Small backpacks – all packs will be checked at the entry
  • Foldable lawn chair – you might dance those feet into a coma.
  • Baby stroller – keep that little munchkin comfortable!


Even though we’re shuttling all day, it would be a major bummer to get to the gate and find out you have something with you that you cannot bring in. Please read the list of items you should not bring below:

Weapons of any kind (this includes pocket knives), illegal substances, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, explosives, framed or large backpacks, tents, laser pointers, aerosol cans, no outside food or alcohol (food & alcohol will be sold at the event), glass containers, skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles, bicycles inside Ciderbration™ grounds (bike racks will be at the gate), large umbrellas, hard-sided coolers, pets (other than service animals), laptops, radios, video equipment (no video recording will be allowed), professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs), any audio recording equipment.


Make sure to enjoy all the great food, shopping, and activities there are available in Middlebury! 


We will not longer be doing $1 samples at the Cider Tent. This is a change from what is printed on your ticket. There will still be plenty of cider to try at the event, and each will be only $4. 13 different styles on tap! Cheers!

How excited are you!? What styles can’t you wait to try? Let us know in this

short and fun survey!

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