Same Cider, Whole New Look

May 7, 2014
Give A Chuck New Look

We have long worked to craft great cider.  Since 1991 in fact.  The liquid inside the bottle has always been of the upmost importance; fancy marketing campaigns and flashy gimmicks just aren’t our style.  You could say we just don’t give a ‘chuck about all that big brand mass-market noise.

We here in the Green Mountains of Vermont DO Give a ‘Chuck™ about authenticity.  We Give a ‘Chuck about handcrafted cider made in a real cidery, not in a mass-market brewery.  We Give a ‘Chuck about our local community and farmers, about our fanatical Woodchuck® fans, and about making sure every bottle that leaves our cidery is of the highest possible quality.

We are nearing completion of a new cidery and it’s going to be a one-of-kind place, unlike any other in the U-S-of-A.  A true home to not only continue making craft cider, but to welcome our family, neighbors, friends, and fans to experience exactly what we mean when we say we “Give a ‘Chuck”.

As part of that, we felt it was time our packaging got a little refresh to reflect who we are and better explain what exactly is going on inside the bottle.  It is important to note that there has been NO change to the recipe or liquid.  It is the same Woodchuck you have always enjoyed, just a refreshed look.


The logo has been moved just off center, and a beautiful painting of our new cidery in its natural surroundings was added.  The painting itself was done by Kathleen Kolb, a Vermont artist who lives in a neighboring town to our home of Middlebury.  She is incredibly talented and we were thrilled with her final rendition! (We’ll have more on her in the weeks ahead.)  We also went to our cider makers and asked them to develop tasting notes for the side of the six-pack so you have a full picture of what you’re pulling off the shelf.

We hope this update to the Woodchuck packaging reinforces our craft roots, gets you excited, and brings new fans into the fold!  It is going to roll out in our home state of Vermont and the Great Lakes region in June, (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota) before landing on store shelves nationwide towards the end of the summer.

Speaking of summer, don’t forget that we are throwing one heck of a Grand Opening Ciderbration™ in August.  New packaging, new cidery, and new visitors center (yes there will be a bar).  It’s a lot to toast to!!  Click here to get all the details and sign-up to be the first to hear about free ticket availability!

It’s time to Give a ‘Chuck about true craft cider.  Woodchuck is ready, are you?

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