Raising the Woodchuck Cider House

September 24, 2013
Cider House Construction

We here at Woodchuck have been waiting months, (actually more like years), for this moment.  A moment that would not only set down our roots for the long haul in Vermont, but also serve as a new destination for the fans of Woodchuck Hard Cider.

The first timbers of our new visitor barn were put in place this week.  It is a traditional New England barn design, with Douglas fir timbers that were cut right here in the Green Mountains by Vermont Timber Frames.

The barn will be made up of 139 different timbers.  The main posts stand 20 feet high and each post is 10 inches by 12 inches wide.  Each timber is like a puzzle piece.  They are assembled by hand on the ground, and then lifted into place by a crane.

hammertimeIt is an artisan process from start to finish.  There are no screws or high power nail guns used at all.  Each timber is connected by hand and octagonal wooden dowels are hammered through the beams to ensure a tight fit between timbers.  The process has been very cool to watch unfold.

Currently, Woodchuck has no visitor center or sampling room.  This will all change when the new Cider House opens in the spring of 2014.  We will have a full tasting area, as well as a tour, and a variety of Woodchuck items available in the gift shop.  Our fans have waited a long time for this and we are happy to finally see the timber frame go up.

timbers-8The Cider House will sit right next to our new offices, which is the taller structure you see in some of the photos.  Both will sit directly in front of the cidery and warehouse.  For all the latest images, video, and updates on the progress of the Woodchuck Cidery project, be sure to check out our construction page.  You can also check out past months to see how we got to this point.


You can see the raising of the Cider House in this time lapse video.


Cheers the fans of Woodchuck.  Without your passion and support none of this happens!


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