Private Reserve Pumpkin is back! Let’s rewind to it’s first batch!

September 5, 2014
Pumpkin Private Reserve

Time sure does fly! Woodchuck® Private Reserve Pumpkin has been an autumn staple for 5 years now. Highly sought out by our fans, we’ve had loyal patrons drive up to 8 hours to come get cases of this seasonal release. We’ve given the packaging a makeover, but it is still the fresh, rich, natural pumpkin taste you remember from years previous. Since it’s our five year anniversary release, we thought we’d take a look back to our very first release! Back in 2010, our cider makers went into the cellar to create this new Private Reserve with a Pumpkin, knife, and their bare hands. Check it out…

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It started with a rather large pumpkin.


Steve went right for it!

pumpkin-breakingCarving out the seeds (or some like to say, guts?), Steve and Greg cut the pulp into cubes, filling a barrel.



There might have been a little fun involved.


The juice was then extracted from the pulp through a filter.


Then pumped right into the cider tank to be blended! Can’t really get better real pumpkin flavor than that, can you???



Even though the process has been perfected over the years, it’s always great to see where our Private Reserves started, and how much effort was put into the creation of each small batch craft blend.

Ready to try it for yourself? It’s just starting to hit store shelves now, but find Woodchuck Private Reserve Pumpkin near you with our cider locator, OR if you want to have a cider guide in your back pocket at all times, download the Woodchuck Hard Cider App!

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