Plant Trees. Grow Apples. What You Can Do.

April 17, 2013
Plant trees earth day

We like you.  A lot.  This Earth Week… resolve to like us back.  If you do, we’ll plant a tree in your honor and donate money to help grow Vermont’s apple crop.  More trees… more oxygen.  More apples… more cider.  What else does one need?

Today, Woodchuck® kicks off its annual Earth Week Campaign.  For every “Like” or e-newsletter sign up we get on Facebook between now and April 23rd, we commit to plant one tree in your honor.  In the last three years, we have planted more than 34,000 trees through our partnership with American Forests® Global ReLeaf program.  The trees are planted around the country in areas devastated by natural disaster.  Replanting these areas brings with it not only more trees, but a renewal of lost or damaged ecosystems.  It is important work.

All you have to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook page or sign up for our e-newsletter.  To sweeten the deal, in addition to planting a tree in your honor, we will also donate $1 to the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association.  They are hard at work helping Vermont fruit growers enhance and diversify their crop.


While most of Vermont’s apples are sold as table fruit, there is a fast growing demand for cider apples.  Those apples could serve as a fresh revenue stream for the state’s growers.  It’s a win for fruit growers and a win for Vermont’s cider makers.  A win-win you could call it.

Environmental stewardship and supporting the local agriculture economy are two missions we believe in.  Our Earth Week Campaign 2013 stands to advance both of those priorities.  Now it’s up to you!  The fans of Woodchuck are passionate about our ciders.  We hope that passion will also lead to action, as you spread word of the campaign across your own social networks.  The planet stands to benefit.

Here’s to more oxygen, more hard cider, and converting passion into action.

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UPDATE: We’re happy to announce that we’ve successfully completed another Earth Week effort. Learn about it in our follow-up to this post here:

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