Go Out on a Limb™ with Spitter Splinter!

December 4, 2014
6 pack Out on a Limb Spitter Splinter

We’re going Out on a Limb™ again, but we stepped on a different branch.  While most of our ciders use the juice of common eating apple varieties, we decided it was high time to try our hand at using European bittersweet apple varieties.

Introducing Out on a Limb™ Spitter Splinter!

European bittersweet apples are often called “spitters”, as a bite into one will be difficult not to spit out. However, that tart fruit did find its niche elsewhere… good old hard cider. For centuries, the juice from spitters have been fermented for that favorable dry profile. Disappearing during prohibition, cider made a comeback in the states with the common eating apple.

Not only did our cider makers think it was time to bring those spitters back, but they were welcomed in style, and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for up to 2 years. The cider pulled woody vanilla and oak tones into the cider, adding to the already existing dry style. European spitters with a splinter of America. Now that’s what you call the best of both worlds.


KEEP IN MIND! Out on a Limb is an innovative series that will rotate styles every 45-60 days. The bottles will change liquid and labels, but the 6-pack carrier will stay the same! With each new cider, you’ll find a taste descriptor on the neck label, so keep an eye out for each new and unique style as you scan the shelves at your favorite shop!

It’s time to go Out on a Limb. Now for the tricky … oh wait. It’s not tricky at all! Have a store you want this most innovative series in? Take action and get it there! Print off the following Fact Sheet and bring it to your favorite local spot. It has all the information they’ll need to place an order, put it on shelves, and have you buy it right from them.

PRINT the Out on a Limb™ Fact Sheet HERE!

Looking for this in a store near you? Find our Out on a Limb™ series and all of our ciders with Online Locator or Mobile App!

Make sure to keep an eye out as we continue to release new and innovative styles, and get ready to go Out on a Limb!

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