The First Out on a Limb™: Chocolate Raspberry!

October 8, 2014
Chocolate Raspberry Out on a Limb

With our new Out on a Limb™ series starting to hit stores, we’re excited to announce the first style of this innovative series… Woodchuck® Out on a Limb™ Chocolate Raspberry!

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We’ve made Chocolate cider before, and Raspberry cider as part of our core line. So combining the two? Why not! Infused with cocao nibs and fresh raspberries, this first style of the series has a fruity bite with a smooth chocolate finish. The bitterness of the nibs cut the sweetness of the crisp apple taste, creating what we like to call… delicious!

So you know the basics… how about hearing more detail from the head cider maker himself! Check out what John Matson has to say about this great new addition to the Woodchuck family.

So are you ready to go Out on a Limb? Or how about, get Out on a Limb near you? Print out the Out on a Limb Fan Info Sheet and bring it to your favorite local shop! It will have all the information they will need to bring the new line to your area.

CLICK HERE for the Out on a Limb™ Fan Info Sheet! 

Want to know more about the Woodchuck Out on a Limb™ series? Learn everything you need to know here! 



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