One apple for you, one apple for your neighbor!

September 22, 2015
Apple picking group

It’s official. Summer is over… which means the beautiful fall is here!  Today, we welcomed the foliage season with a trip to the orchard and picked over 7,000 pounds of ripe and crisp apples. For our cider you ask? Nope. You could say they were picked for our neighbors.


For the sixth year in a row, Woodchuck Cider® has sponsored Pick for Your Neighbor, a program run by the Vermont Foodbank. The organization encourages those who are enjoying fall and picking apples to fill an extra bag to donate to the cause. Each year, Pick for Your Neighbor provides fresh fruit that becomes available to the food shelves around our state. Not only does it bring the seasonal fruit to those in need, but it helps increase the apples purchased from our local orchards. That’s what you call a win-win!


As an underwriter and sponsor of the program, Woodchuck Cider looks forward to our own annual pick. This season? Well, we beat our record! A group of ‘Chucks picked 7,020 pounds of apples, beating our 5,400 of last year! Over the past six years, that makes a total of 30,020 pounds. Now that’s a whole lotta fruit!

The passion that drives us here at Woodchuck doesn’t start with our cider. It starts in the orchard. We know what it takes to get the juice for our craft, and how important it is to see the process from apple to bottle. Giving back to the orchard, and back to the community is at our core (no pun intended). So as you’re out there picking apples for your pie, pick some apples for your neighbors!IMG_0005

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