Introducing Woodchuck Cellar Series Sour Cherry!

July 30, 2014
Sour Cherry

Have the Cider Makers been at it again? Looks like they’re always at it! The newest addition to the Cellar Series line has been in the works for several years now. One of the head Cider Maker’s favorites to date, this style has undergone several stages of development, producing many different test versions of the liquid. As the final product is now bottled and ready to hit stores near you, we’re excited to announce the Woodchuck® Cellar Series Sour Cherry!

Sour Cherry is built with a delicious blend of actual sweet tart dried cherries from Michigan, and cherry juice imported all the way from Belgium. The fermented cider is crafted with common eating and bittersweet cider apple varieties, and then infused with the cherries to leave behind tart and sour characteristics. The cherries give the cider a deep red color, making this new Cellar Series style that much more unique!

We’ve been working on this product about 4 years, probably built 8-10 blends until we nailed this one down.” In the video above, Master Cider Maker, John Matson, explains the delicate balance of creating this Cellar Series style. “If we were to make this again, it would be completely different because it would be a different crop year of cherries.” As we use such high quality and natural ingredients in our cider, small batch styles like those of our Cellar Series would be difficult to ever replicate. With different batches of ingredients, come different flares of taste.

Sour Cherry adds another delicious style to the innovative Cellar Series line, allowing our fans to enjoy the creative genius of our Cider Makers here at Woodchuck!

Find Sour Cherry and our other Woodchuck styles on our Cider Locator! More locations will be added as this style hits store shelves!


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