Introducing the Woodchuck Mobile App!

September 4, 2014
Woodchuck Mobile App

Happy #ThirstyThursday! As the unofficial start to the weekend, this day is often used to find those brews that you really enjoy, helping you get through the following day (5 o’clock on Fridays can never come soon enough!). You usually have a hankering for something specific. Let’s say… Woodchuck® Hopsation or Seasonal Fall Harvest? That sounds about right. So it’s reaching that time (that thirsty time), and you realized your go-to market is closed today! Shucks. What to do? WELL… it’s time to download the Woodchuck Mobile App! The Woodchuck Mobile App will let you locate our ciders near you, scroll through our various styles, and easily update us on all your Woodchuck endeavors. So what can you do with the app? Let’s take a look!

Woodchuck Mobile App

Download the Mobile App for your iPhone! 

Download the Mobile App for your Android! 

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So depending on your phone, open up your app store and search for Woodchuck Hard Cider. You should see the following! Give it an install. If you’re a fan, it’s worth it!





Once opened, you’ll find yourself at our home screen. You’ll find four options to check out:


First things first… the Cider Locator!

The Cider Locator lets you search for Woodchuck styles from your current position, and within a specific distance. You can even determine whether it is at a store or a bar/restaurant! After your search, you can see the results on a map, or within a detailed list. Click on your preferred retailer or bar, and then call them to ask them to set something aside for you, or open up your phones map and get directions right to your favorite nectar. Easy? Glad to hear it!


So you know where to get the style you want, but you saw some styles in the locator you’re unfamiliar with and want to learn more. Well we’ve got that covered too! Take a look at the Woodchuck Styles tab. Here, you’ll find the different styles we have within the Woodchuck family. Look through all of our Cores styles, Private Reserves, Seasonals, etc. Click on one of the series and then scroll through each style. See one you like? Find more info including tasting notes, ABV%, types of apples used, etc., or get linked right to the locator to find some near you!

cider-styles untappd


Now you’ve found the right cider at the right place. Using the Share Tab you can check In to your location and share with Facebook and Twitter to let the rest of Woodchuck Nation know where to find it! Want to give it a review? You can link your Untappd profile to the app and leave a rating for all the styles you try! Something fun to do as you try all the different styles in the Cluster ‘Chuck variety pack you just bought. Have a question? You can also contact us, or just share a great photo at the press of a button!


Don’t forget to take a look at what’s been happening at the cidery. You can see WHAT’S NEW with our blog! We may even throw in a few contests, sweepstakes, or other surprises now and then!


So have you downloaded the Woodchuck Mobile App? Grab it now!

Download the Mobile App for your iPhone! 

Download the Mobile App for your Android! 

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