Introducing Out on a Limb™!

October 1, 2014
Out on a Limb announcement

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Here at the cidery, we Give A ‘Chuck™ about innovation. This passion has trickled through our Core styles and down to the crazy creativity of our Cellar Series line. I mean, who would have thought Chocolate cider was possible?!?! Only our mad scientists of cider. With the release of these various styles, we’ve found there’s been only one issue. Our fans can’t get enough of it! Whether it’s difficult to find, or it’s selling out too quickly, we keep getting requests to bring our more innovative styles (specifically our Cellar Series) into our patrons’ areas. Well that’s something it’s about time we remedy.

Introducing Out on a Limb™! We are switching up our Cellar Series line to make it easier for our fans to enjoy all the innovative styles released throughout the year. This six-pack will feature an ever-changing rotation of our ground-breaking ciders that we know the Woodchuck community is ready for. What’s it all about? Check it out.

Ready to share? We’re changing from Cellar Series 22 oz. bottles to a six-pack!

Something great about enjoying our innovative styles is being able to really savor that burst of flavor with each sip. However, you may want to share the experience with others (or just save some to enjoy later on!) Having Out on a Limb™ in six-packs as opposed to our Cellar Series 22 oz. bottles will let you enjoy the cider on your own time, or be the life of the party when you bring them to a friends’ house to share!

Same six pack. Ever-changing bottles. Always the same place!

So how do we make it easier to find these styles? Make sure they’re always in the same place! With the new Out on a Limb™, your favorite store will have the product in stock, and won’t be responsible for keeping track of when the new styles come out. That will be our job! Every 45-60 days, the package will rotate the bottles with a new craft cider style. Your local stores just need to make sure it gets on the shelves, and we’ll make sure the bottles have our truly rare and unique batches inside. How will you know what’s inside? As the six-pack carrier will never change, we’ll have a fun design on the bottles with the taste profile right on the neck label. (We haven’t announced it yet… but you can see what’s coming up below!) We’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up next, or have fun being surprised as you head to the store each month!


 Looking to get Out on a Limb in your store? TAKE ACTION!

If you’re like us you can’t wait to share the six-pack with your friends, and you’re anxious to see what styles come out in the coming months. Now we’re asking you to help us get this into your favorite local shop. Print the following Out on a Limb informational sheet out and bring it straight to your most frequented location. (Don’t have a printer? Just show it on your phone over email!) It will have everything the store will need to get the new package on a shelf near you!

 Print your Out on a Limb™ Info Sheet HERE! 

Are you ready to be a Woodchuck advocate? Excited to find that innovative nectar from our Cider Makers? See where Out on the Limb is available near you with our Cider Locator and make yourself get out there into your favorite craft beer and cider shops and ask them to bring it in!

Have your Info Sheet? Know where your favorite shop is?

In that case: Ready… set.. GO!

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