Introducing Out on a Limb June & Juice!

May 13, 2016
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A wise man once said, “true apothecary, thy cider art craft”. And yes, that wise man was one of our Cider Makers. For the eighth installment of our Out on a Limb® series, we harnessed the refreshing nature of a classic gin & tonic.

Introducing Out on a Limb® June & Juice!

Like a classic gin, we steeped fresh juniper berries into our small batch hard cider for this new concoction. The Cider Makers filled our custom extraction tank with juniper berries, rose petals, and orange peels, yielding a fresh botanical aroma. June & Juice has a refreshing semi-sweet apple taste with notes of juniper and citrus, a perfect alternative to your Friday night G&T!June and Juice IngredientsThe Out on a Limb® series is a rotation of our most innovative ciders. Within the same 6-pack, a new cider is released every 90 days in limited batches. June & Juice will be available while supplies last until July, so check out our locator to see where the series is available near you!bottling-line

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