Introducing Hopsation! The newest Woodchuck Core Style

July 25, 2014
Hopsation Woodchuck

It’s been quite a journey for our newest core style! First, as the jump starter of our Cellar Series line, Dry Hop pushed the limits of innovation with an aggressive amount of cascade hops. Since our fans kept asking to bring it back, we then revived the style on draft as Hopped Apple. Due to the overwhelming response, we’re excited to introduce the newest core style… Woodchuck®  Hopsation™! If you haven’t already tried this delicious liquid, this hop-forward cider has the pine and citrus aromas of those same great cascade hops. Combining our crisp apple taste with the bitterness of the hops, Hopsation is a semi-dry style, perfect to enjoy year-round!

Here at Woodchuck, we take pride in our innovation. Through our seasonal styles, and the ultra-limited small batches of the Cellar Series, our cider makers are able to share their creative genius with our amazing fans. However, it’s not often that a style makes it into our core line, making today’s announcement that much more exciting! Take a look back at the history behind each core, and how they made it into our year round selection!


 Woodchuck Amber – 1991

Amber-bottleWoodchuck Amber. The Flagship. The one that started it all! In a two car garage, the original Woodchuck Cider Maker, Greg Failing, experimented with apples to find a cider that would fit the American palate. As there was a lull in cider making since prohibition, the US cider industry was reborn with Greg’s first creation… Woodchuck Amber! First bottled on a 1940’s-era soda filler, the style started distribution in just one country store. Oh my, how the word spread! With humble beginning, the original Amber recipe has stayed intact for the past 23 years. Still the most popular Woodchuck style on shelves, Amber pioneers through the cider industry, and has led the way in deepening our roots here in Middlebury, and in the hearts of our fans. We’ll say it again… the one that started it all!

 Woodchuck 802™ – 1993


Originally known as Dark and Dry, Woodchuck 802 came into production 2 years after Amber made its debut. With the beer drinker in mind, 802 was built with dark and dry characteristics from the added ingredient of caramelized sugar. The first of what became a long line of innovative ciders, 802 got its name in 2006, representing our great green mountain state (the only area code we have)! Right from the start in 1993, we knew we were on the right track when we attended the Great Albany Beer Festival that same year. As we couldn’t enter a cider into the competition, we were excited to just share our cider with new fans! Low and behold, we found ourselves being presented with the Taster’s Choice Award for having the best testing liquid! We knew right then and there that the 802 was here to stay.

 Woodchuck Granny Smith – 1997


In 1997, our cider maker took a turn down the road of the champagne drinker. Looking for a drier and tarter cider to add to the Woodchuck family, he created a style that was made of 100% Granny Smith apples, creating our delicious Woodchuck Granny Smith cider! Building a strong relationship with orchards out west, Greg acquired the juice from the Yakima Valley of Washington (as they do not grow in bulk on the east coast!) Perfect for those who enjoy champagne, this dry and tangy style is still the 2nd most popular cider that Woodchuck offers (behind Amber), and continues to fly off the shelves!

 Woodchuck Pear – 2001



A compliment to the lighter nature of the Granny Smith, Woodchuck Pear introduced another style that offers a drier and crisp taste by adding pear juice to the blend. Pear was inspired by its already-existing popularity out west and down south, allowing Woodchuck to meet the demand that was stirring in the Northeast. Combining this west coast flare with Woodchuck’s crisp apple taste, Woodchuck Pear quickly became a staple on the core styles line.

Woodchuck Raspberry – 2002



Woodchuck Raspberry brought a sweeter product to the table.  As the American cider palate was shifting away from the more bitter European style, Raspberry became a great alternative to those who enjoy a tasty mixed drink over beer. With the perfect combination of raspberry and apple, this cider style is light and delicious with a little extra zest. Who needs a cocktail when you can grab a Woodchuck Raspberry all year long!?

Woodchuck Hopsation – 2014

Hopsation-bottle hopsation taste profile










Woodchuck Hopsation will be available in your area soon, so keep an eye on our cider locator.  Join us in saying WELCOME to Hopsation as you join the Woodchuck Core family!

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