Introducing Campfire Pancakes!

January 26, 2016
Campfire pancakes bottles

Picture this… a smoky campfire warming up a pan of boiling maple syrup. Can you smell it? Now imagine what that tastes like infused into a refreshing bottle of hard cider. Say hello to the newest Out on a Limb®, Campfire Pancakes!

Campfire Pancakes is the seventh installment of the innovative series. For this newest addition, our Cider Makers really harnessed our home state, and its popular sugaring tradition. They took our small batch hard cider and infused smoked apple pomace and REAL maple syrup (no fake stuff here!). Both Vermont made ingredients, the pomace came from our friends over at Vermont Smoke & Cure, and the syrup from a local sugarhouse.


“It was great working with local companies to produce yet another innovative batch of cider that we know our fans will love,” said one of our Cider Masters, John Matson. “I kept getting hungry as it was blended and bottled, and the whole cidery smelled like a pancake breakfast,” chimed in fellow Cider Maker Ben E. Calvi.


Campfire Pancakes (5.5% ABV) will be available only while supplies last until April, so don’t miss it! The cider will start hitting shelves in February. For those who haven’t seen the series yet, Out on a Limb rotates through the most creative and unique styles that come out of the cidery. While the six-pack carrier stays the same, the bottles change every 90 days to feature the newest and delicious cider variety.

Ready to enjoy? Find Campfire Pancakes where Out on a Limb is available near you!

Will you be in Vermont on Saturday, January 30th? Well come on down to the Woodchuck® Cider House for the keg launch of Campfire Pancakes! We will be open from 11am-5pm, so grab a sample, growler, or 6-pack of this delicious new spring treat.

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