Inside the Cidery

January 31, 2013
Woodchuck forks

All of our cider is handcrafted and shipped from Middlebury, Vermont.  To put it simply, it’s a busy place!  From our Cider Makers working in the cellar to the production folks who bottle and ship our ciders, the daily scene within our walls is an awesome one.

We thought The Core would be a good place to feature some of those cool moments that make Woodchuck® Hard Cider tick.  We’ll call it “Inside the Cidery”.  Look for it each week!

First up is this great shot of two forklifts and a bunch of fresh Woodchuck® Amber.  It’s a meeting of the minds if you will.  These forklift drivers are magicians out there!  It’s a constant game of thread the needle as they take fresh cider from the bottling line to the trucks waiting to drive off with it.

Cheers to our forklift crew!!  Woodchuck® Hard Cider only gets to you, if they put it on a truck bound for your hometown!

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