Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014
Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here again!  Here’s to hoping yours is full of cold ciders, sunshine, and cookouts with friends and family.

More importantly the weekend is dedicated to recognizing the brave men and women who have served to protect our country.  In 2012, we received an American flag which was flown on a combat support mission in Afghanistan from Pilot-in-Command Marcus Bennett.  Marcus wrote to us explaining that he was looking forward to getting back home and enjoying a Woodchuck. As you can imagine, this meant the world to us. We have been holding onto the flag waiting to find the perfect place to display. Our new Cidery will be that place, and we will display it proudly for all our fans to see!


We want to thank Marcus as well as all the other men and women who have served to protect our country and way of life.  We wish everyone a safe and fun Memorial Day.

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