DIY Halloween Apple Decorations

October 22, 2014
carved apples

Yesterday was #WorldAppleDay, a day we quite appreciate here at the cidery. Where would we be without apples? Well we would have a whole lot of empty tanks! With the fall season upon us, there seems to be an abundance of the fresh picked fruit.  Have you gone apple-picking this season? Have you gone more than once? Well then you might have A WHOLE LOT of apples on your hands. They are delicious, but those ripe beauties do have an expiration date. Luckily… Halloween is just around the corner! The holiday of never-ending decorations, there’s no reason not to add some apple flavor to your spooky day. From décor, to treats, to fun party activities, don’t let those apples go to waste!

1. Carved pumpkins? Try carved apples!

We’re sure you already have perfect pumpkins ready to carve, but why not challenge yourself this year? Try carving an apple! Whether intricate or not, turning the small fruit into illuminated décor will allow you to fill those small spaces that need some holiday zest.


TIP: Need a candle that will fit in that small creation? Make your own bottle cap candles! Place a wick in the bottle cap, and fill up with wax! (Looking for fun colors? Melt some used crayons you have around the house!)

2. YUMMM Candy Apples…. Or Caramel!

Well this one is just a given. Whether you have the easy roll-on caramel, or an old family recipe, there’s nothing like biting through a tasty layer of sugar into a crisp apple!

3. Line your walkway with apple tea candles!

apple-candlesWhether you’re having friends over, or waiting for those adorable trick-or-treaters, you probably need a little extra light on your walkway, right? Well light it up with apple tea candles! Just carve out the top of the apple in the shape of a tea candle, and plop the candle in.

4. Bobbing for applesneed we say more?

Another classic, bobbing for apples may be more of a childhood tradition… but why not bring it back for your spooky holiday party?

5. Apple Fang Treats! With candy corn of course.

Not only do they look the part, but you can’t beat the combination! Take 2 slices of apple, and cut triangles on one side of one slice. Connect with a scoop of peanut butter at an angle, with triangle cuts on top. Slap on the 2 fangs (whoops, we mean candy corn), and fill in the eyes with chocolate chips. The perfect party platter!

Halloween season is upon us. Celebrate in style!       


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