Cider Maker’s Notebook: Woodchuck Pink Hard Cider

February 21, 2013
Woodchuck Cider Maker

Steve Coon is one of three Cider Makers here at Woodchuck Hard Cider.  He took the to the time to write down these thoughts about a cider he personally handcrafted, Woodchuck Private Reserve Pink.

Developing a pink cider to increase awareness for Dragonheart Vermont’s Survivorship NOW mission of helping those diagnosed with cancer, is close to my heart.

My wife is a breast cancer survivor of 10 years and is one of the founding team members of Dragonheart Vermont.

Dragonheart Vermont brought new hope to her life along with the physical therapy benefits of paddling.  It was a win-win for her.  I vividly remember her first team race.  The emotion and strength in that boat brought tears of amazement and happiness to those who watched.

As a continuing supporter, those feelings still resonate when witnessing the spirit of these women pulling together for each other.

This spirit not only helps them with their own daily challenges, but pushes them to compete.


Dragonheart Vermont competing at the World Championships in Hong Kong

They have earned the honor of being the 2012 World Champion breast cancer survival team at the Dragonboat International Championships in Hong Kong.  This is no small feat.


Dragonheart Vermont taking home the gold in Hong Kong at the 2012 World Championships.

While developing Woodchuck Pink, my thoughts were with all cancer survivors who are fighting for a higher quality of life, and I prayed I could craft a cider that would sell and help to support their continuing needs.

Below is a product description and some of my tasting notes.  I hope you enjoy, and please join me in supporting this great cause!

Woodchuck Pink Tasting Notespink bottle pint glassThe color is a delicate pink developed from using purple grape skin which contributes a stable hue. A delicate bouquet and aroma are in balance with a semi-dry taste. Notes of green apple may also bring to mind pear and melon. Being slightly carbonated, enhances the aroma to full enjoyment.  A pleasant lingering apple finish, makes you want to try again.

Cheers to the women of Dragonheart’s Survivorship NOW!
– Steve Coon

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