Cider Maker’s Corner – Who is Greg Failing?

May 20, 2013
Greg Failing

For longtime Woodchuck fans Greg Failing is a name you may already be familiar with, but for those who are not, let us introduce him. Greg is our Master Cider Maker here at Woodchuck® Hard Cider. He’s been here since the beginning, and when we say “the beginning” we mean the very beginning. Greg is the guy responsible for our flagship style, Woodchuck® Amber Cider and we’re happy to tell you all about him.

For Greg, the road to Woodchuck® started way back in his elementary and high school days. Having a knack for science, math and working with his hands, Greg graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, went on to work in food research at Cornell University, and later worked as a traditional winemaker until he came to Vermont to work with apple wines.

After mastering apple wine, Greg thought it might be fun to revisit the long-lost thirst for American cider. Several months of tinkering ensued, and voilà — Woodchuck’s original Amber appeared. Greg has been crafting hard cider ever since.

Learn more about our Master Cider Maker, Greg Failing, in his own words, in our newest Cider Maker’s Corner episode:

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