7 Ways to WOW Your Valentine with Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate Cider

February 12, 2014
Valentine apples and chocolate

It’s a day for wooing. Valentine’s Day allows us to celebrate the milestones in our new relationships, or rekindle that longtime fire that’s been burning with a spouse or significant other. It lets us truly appreciate the love we have in our lives, and the people that help us get through the day to day. So you have everything ready for a big gesture on Friday, right? At least an idea? Starting to sweat? Well we have your covered! One of our most innovative ciders yet, make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day with Woodchuck® Cellar Series Chocolate. (Learn more about this Cellar Series Cider here!)

We’re thrilled that this Chocolate delicacy was released just in time for the big holiday, and we can’t wait to see it fuel the love that Friday will bring. Here’s the Top 7 Ways to turn Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate Cider into a Valentine’s Day Surprise.

  1. So you’re both off to work in the morning, just barely missing each other before you rush out the door. Before you hit the road and they’re still getting ready, leave a bottle of Chocolate Cider by the front door, with a note, foreshadowing your plans for later on. You’ll have them thinking about you all day!
  2. Is she sick of chocolates, but loves that corny heart-shaped box? Well get the box, (eat the chocolates yourself), replace the chocolate rack with red and pink tissue paper, and place a bottle of Chocolate Cider in there instead. Gently pop a bow on top, and Voilà!
  3. Are you two being adventurous on this holiday? Hide a bottle in your gear pack, bring two solo cups and a bottle opener, and have a surprise toast while sitting amongst the white blanket of snow that you just snow shoed through. (Are you privileged to warmer climates? This will work just as well on a hike, or the beach!)
  4. Need something sweet to go along with that adorable teddy bear you pre-ordered? Wrap the arms of that fluffy stuffed animal around a bottle of the Chocolate Cider. Secure it with a nice long piece of red ribbon, and you’ve got yourself a happy guy or gal.
  5. Your dinner reservations may be on the later side, as it is Valentine’s Day, so surprise her with a post-work cocktail and pour that delicious Chocolate Cider over a couple of sliced strawberries. There’s nothing like chocolate and strawberries to set the mood.
  6. Not meeting up until later in the night? Set up a candle-lit dessert sit-down with your sweet treat of choice, a bottle of Chocolate Cider, and two champagne glasses. (Those strawberries will work here too!).
  7. No big explanation for this one. You have a bottle of Chocolate Cider. SPIN THE BOTTLE FOR TWO!

Because we care, here’s an extra idea for you! Print off these Woodchuck Valentine’s Day Bottle Hanger and hang them on your Valentine’s favorite six pack!

So no need to worry! Pick the best option for you, find that most convenient retail location with our locator and tell your sweetheart you have Valentine’s Day covered!



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