5 Ways to Transition from Winter to Summer Time Adventures

March 21, 2017
Summer Time Bottling line Woodchuck

With Winter officially over, we’re excited to introduce our new Seasonal liquid, Pear Ginger Cider! A crisp pear cider bursting with fresh ginger, Summer Time refreshes like a cool jump in your favorite swimming hole. With that, it’s time to start looking forward to the carefree days of fun outdoor escapades. Though you still may be enjoying the powder a plenty, take a look at 5 ways to start transitioning from your Winter Chill to Summer Time Adventures.

  1. The winter fun isn’t done yet, but start organizing all your gear in the same space at home. You’ll realize what gear you acquired and the storage room needed so it will be easier to pack away when the snow melts!
  2. Break out your summer gear and see what you’re missing and what you meant to purchase over the season. Torn water shoes? Did you rip your suit on that final swimming hole excursion? Find the deals now so you don’t miss a single day on the water once the lake thaws!
  3. You can say it… you want to be the captain this summer. So, don’t forget to take that boating course you’ve been putting off for a year! Get behind the wheel with safety first, and check out the boating course requirements by state here
  4. Those early season fishing days are the best, so register for your licenses early! Grab your lures, tackle, & waders and take a look at the regulations by state.
  5. Put your cooler by the door, grab a sixer of Seasonal Summer Time, and get ready for the warm weather and sunny days!
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