5 Ways to Keep Cool at your Summer Weddings

July 11, 2014
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Here’s one for the ladies of the Woodchuck Community! We’ve reached the middle of July, and the summer wedding season is in full swing! We know this because collectively here at the Cidery, we have attended or have taken part in at least 25 weddings already this summer. You may have already rotated through those three dresses, and maybe you’re nailing down that present you finally found (You have a year post-wedding for the gift, right?). It is a blast to catch up with old friends and that destination wedding you’ve saved your vacation time for is just around the corner. The one issue? The summer heat is entering its peak! Not only is it distracting, but it can take a toll on your look! So what can be done? We Give A ‘Chuck™ about creating amazing memories, but there is no reason we can’t be comfortable while the good times roll! A refreshing ice-cold cider is an excellent option for cooling down but there are other ways to beat the heat. We asked the women of the Cidery their best tips for cooling down at a wedding and we wanted to share them with the Community. Here’s 5 ways to cool down at your summer weddings this season.

 1. Bring a fold up fan!

Chances are you’ve purchased or have been gifted a themed fold up fan at some point. If not, it’s an easy buy at the dollar store! Having a fan while sitting in the beating sun will help cool off that face and prevent make-up from running. Forgot your fan? Turn that wedding program into a cooling contraption! Want to take it a step further? Bring a sun parasol!

2. Upgrade those tissues to a more substantial handkerchief or bandana.

So you’re going to need tissues during the ceremony… whether you like it or not, sometimes those waterworks are unavoidable! While you plan on shedding some (very happy!) tears, think about what else you might want to wipe away while sitting in your seat. By bringing a handkerchief or bandana, you’ll be able to more subtly pat down your face to help from those sweat beads ruining your perfect blush.

3. Mist your way through the night!

You may not want to risk wiping away your make up, but having a small spray bottle may really help lighten up that heat. Spritzing some water or mist on your neck and arms may give you the cooling jump you’re looking for to get you back on the dance floor!

4. Take a load off your shoulders. Keep that hair up!

There’s nothing worse than having your perfectly fashioned hair stick to the side of your neck. Simple fix? Try those fun summer styles and get that coif up in a do. Realistically, once the dancing starts and the heat sets in, you’ll be struggling to find someone with an extra hair tie, so prevent the headache and be the person who brings extras or go with an elegant braid.

5. Embrace the summer attire.

Now, we understand that expectations differ from wedding to wedding, but when choosing which dress to break out for the occasion, keep the summer heat in mind. A heavier maxi dress probably isn’t the way to go. Stick with the lighter colors and even a looser fitting option. (Maybe an excuse to buy that adorable dress you just saw?) TIP: Cotton keeps you much cooler than synthetic materials.

So stay cool out there this summer, and we here at Woodchuck congratulate all the beautiful brides and grooms out there this season! Cheers!

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