5 Things to Know about the New Woodchuck Six-Pack!

May 12, 2014
Woodchuck six packs

We recently launched our new Woodchuck® six-pack design, which will be rolling out across the country in the months ahead.  There was no change to the taste of any of our ciders, and you can still find them in all the same places, we just have a new wardrobe! With our soon-to-be-opening cidery and the Grand Opening Ciderbration™ it only seemed right to freshen up our look! Because we Give a ‘Chuck™ about authentic handcrafted cider, our packaging has some epic features.  Here are five things to know about the new Woodchuck 6-pack.

 1.       A Mountain Range in Your Fridge!

Vermont is known as the ‘Green Mountain State’. It’s one of the reasons we’re proud to call this state home. Living in a beautiful landscape, with the Green Mountains on our one side, and the Adirondacks on our other, has long inspired us to craft great cider. You could say we #LOVERMONT. The mountains we have come to know so well were included on the six-pack and you could say they work well together. When you line up each of our core cider styles, the hills connect turning the artwork into a full on mountain range!

 2.       Staying local: Even with our artist!

 Vermonters are known to be passionate about all things local, and we’re on board. The cidery painting that graces our new packaging was drawn by talented local artist Kathleen Kolb, who calls Lincoln, Vermont home. Kathleen based her intricate oil painting off pictures she took of our new cidery.  We think she knocked it out of the park! Supporting local artists is something we Give a ‘Chuck™ about, and we hope you do too!

 3.       100% Recycled Paperboard!

 Every Woodchuck six-pack you pull off the shelf is made from 100% recycled materials.  Here at the cidery, we constantly strive to improve how much waste we recycle.  It is a constant process but our ultimate goal would be to become a zero landfill business!  The new packaging represents a continued dedication to the company’s environmentally rooted mission. We know you Give a ‘Chuck about being green, and we’re going to always strive to be greener tomorrow than we are today.

 4.       See a style you haven’t tried? Check out the taste profile right on the package! 

Here at Woodchuck, crafting innovative cider styles is one of our true passions. We want to make sure you are armed with more information when you are deciding which Woodchuck to purchase! We have added a quick three-word descriptor right under the cider’s name, and more detailed tasting notes on the end panel. We know you Give a ‘Chuck™ about what you drink. Chances are we have the perfect cider for you, and now you’ll be able to pick it out right there on the shelf!

5.       Want to know more? Check out the bottom!

We could talk for months or even years about how much care goes into every bottle of Woodchuck and retell all the cool stories of the last 23 years.  All that is pretty hard to fit on a six-pack though!  We decided to give some more info on the bottom of the six-pack so you can find us online or even in person.  That way we can talk your ear off on our blog or in our soon to be open room tasting and tour center. Be sure to check it out, as it will point you in the direction you need to go to find out about all things Woodchuck!




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