5 Reasons Why Woodchuck Belgian White Hard Cider Rocks

July 10, 2013
Woodchuck Belgian White Hard Cider

Woodchuck Private Reserve Belgian White hard cider is available and in stores now.  Here are five reasons why this should excite you.

1.  A cider all can enjoy

Looking to convert a friend into a fan of hard cider?  Slide one of these down the bar.  Woodchuck Belgian White is styled after a Belgian Wit or Wheat beer, with a rich golden hue, and notes of orange and coriander throughout.  It’s fermented with a Belgian brewer yeast, which offers a bite of spice that balances perfectly against the smooth character of the apple.   Just delicious.

Don’t believe us?  Check out what the man behind the cider, John Matson, had to say about it in his Cidermaker’s Notebook.

2.  Bringing the Belgian beer tradition to the gluten free community

Can’t drink beer due to your gluten intolerance?  Used to be a huge fan of Belgian craft beers, but just found out you have a gluten intolerance?  Private Reserve Belgian White can welcome you back to the party.  Gluten Free cider, handcrafted right here in Vermont.  Go ahead… throw an orange on the rim of your glass.  Oranges are gluten free right?

 3. Food pairings

Trying to impress that new crush with a fancy meal?  Have a last minute neighborhood dinner party on your hands?  Fear not, Private Reserve Belgian White hard cider will class those get-togethers right up.  It pairs well with light seafood fare, mixed greens, and sharp cheeses (especially cheeses from Vermont!).

Also, check out how Elle over at Elle’s New England Kitchen incorporated Belgian White into a pizza recipe.

4.  Easy on the Eyes!

Woodchuck Private Reserve Belgian White hard cider will take any summer photo to the next level.  You can’t miss that blue label.  Be sure to take a few shots and submit them to our photo contest.  You could win a cool $500!  All it takes is one picture!

5.  The Great Debater

Ever had an argument reduced to, “That’s like comparing apples to oranges!”?  Well Belgian White is now there to bridge the gap.  You may not be able to settle the debate, but at least you can enjoy the fresh crisp taste of apple, complemented by the citrus goodness of orange.  It’s a reason to say cheers when you agree to disagree!


Private Reserve Belgian White is one of Woodchuck’s most innovative hard cider styles.  It’s perfect for the warm summer months.  What are your thoughts on Belgian White?  Any pairing or mixable you have discovered that we should know about??


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