5 fruits to garnish your cider pint this summer

June 10, 2014
Woodchuck orange garnish

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot Summer’s day than a cold cider and some fresh fruit. Here are Woodchuck®’s five favorite fruit garnishes for your cider!

Amber-Cinnamon Sugar

Looking for something sweet? We got you covered! Step 1: Take a pint glass and dampen the rim with either cider or water. Step 2: Evenly spread cinnamon sugar across a small plate. Step 3: While holding the bottom of the glass twist the rim of the pint glass in the cinnamon sugar until it is covered. Step 4: Pour Amber Cider into the pint glass and enjoy! IMG_2717edited

Granny Smith

Tart, dry, and always refreshing our Granny Smith Cider is one of a kind! If you plan on enjoying a Granny Smith Cider in a pint glass add a slice of this green apple to the lip of the glass for show or throw it right in for an extra kick!


Pear and Blackberries

Ever wonder what it taste like when you combine Pear Cider and blackberries? Well we have! And we think you should try it too! It’s simple, fill your pint glass with as many blackberries as you would like. Then pour your Pear Cider on top and you’re ready to drink! Whether you eat the berries as you sip or wait until your cider is gone, there really is not wrong way to enjoy this one! Bottoms up!


Limited Release Summer and Blueberries

Reminiscent of New England blueberries,  our Summer Cider is about as refreshing as they come but if you just can’t get enough add a handful of blueberries to your pint. Don’t be shy! Let the berries soak for a minute or two and enjoy! IMG_2690edited

Belgian White-Orange Peel

Summer is finally here and we know nothing goes better with the warm weather than a cold drink with fresh fruit! While our Private Reserve Belgian White Cider is only available from June through August we recommend that you add a little orange zest by pouring the cider over a slice of orange! Belgian White is made with orange peel and coriander, so adding a fresh orange slice will bring that citrus flavor to the forefront your pallet! IMG_2661edited

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